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What distinguishes good cycling socks?
25 Jun

What distinguishes good cycling socks?

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Cycling socks are an important part of your cycling gear. Together with your shoes, they are the link between your legs and the bike's drive. Especially on long rides, choosing the right socks is essential and often decides whether you enjoy your ride or burn your feet.

Good cycling socks are often made of technical materials such as polyester or polyamide. Unlike cotton, these yarns have the ability to wick sweat away from the foot, guaranteeing a dry feeling throughout. They are also very light and yet extremely durable. In addition, there are yarns with special antibacterial properties such as Meryl® Skinlife or Q-Skin which we use in our Premium series.

Especially for summer rides, cycling socks should not be too thick, on the one hand for optimal power transfer to the pedals and on the other hand to minimise heat build-up. Often, the area on the back of the foot is also made of mesh, which improves ventilation.

Merino wool is an alternative to synthetic fibres. Merino wool is naturally antibacterial and thermoregulating.

Proper care is important

Good cycling socks usually cost a bit more than 0815 cotton socks, but you should be able to wear them for a long time. To ensure that you enjoy your socks for as long as possible, proper care is essential. Since cycling socks are made of the same materials as your jerseys, you should treat them in the same way. There is no reason to wash synthetic socks at 60°, 30° together with your jerseys is sufficient. The socks also don't like the tumble dryer, which often makes them stiff and brittle. By washing gently, you can also minimise the microplastic abrasion that all synthetic garments cause. If you want to prevent microplastics from entering the waste water, you can also use a special laundry bag such as the Guppyfriend. This catches the fibres and protects your laundry even more.

Why are cycling socks so high?

The height of the cycling socks is mainly a style element and for me as a designer it is of course better if I have more space available. It also has a functional background. Especially in spring, it is important that the Achilles tendon is covered, as this can prevent painful inflammations. In addition, high socks provide a slight compression and thus better blood circulation to your feet. Of course, you can also cycle fast with sneaker socks, but for the Pro Style your cycling socks should be at least 15 cm high.

Compression, padding and other features

Depending on the construction, cycling socks offer additional features. What's right for you depends on your preferences. Some like extra padding on the balls of the feet and heels, others swear by extra compression, or if you ride a lot in the twilight, socks with reflective elements for extra visibility might be right for you. Luckily, there is now a huge range of manufacturers and products, so you're sure to find your new favourite cycling socks.

To cut a long story short, in the end the best socks are the ones you like the most and of course we are always happy when they are our socks. In any case, I hope you continue to enjoy cycling, no matter which socks you wear.

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