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DirtySox Club Ride Vol. 4: New Year's Ride

Posted By: Lukas Comments: 0 Times Read: 5499

Happy faces everywhere, cool people, a comfortable pace and lots of sunshine - that was the start of the year on the bike 2022 with DirtySox.

DirtySox Club Ride Vol. 2: Around Lake Sarnen with lots of altitude metres

Posted By: Till Comments: 0 Times Read: 7924

Everyone knows the loop around Lake Sarnen. For the second DirtySox Club Ride we have modified the route a little and added some crisp climbs. A tour for all those who love altitude.

DirtySox Club Ride Vol. 1: Hilly around the Napf

Posted By: Till Comments: 0 Times Read: 7507

The first DirtySox Club Ride is already history. Thanks to everyone who joined us on this great tour! If you want to follow the tour, you can find all the information in this article.

What distinguishes good cycling socks?

Posted By: Till Comments: 0 Times Read: 6689

Cycling socks, are an important part of your cycling gear. Together with your shoes, they are the link between your legs and the bike's drive. Especially on long rides, choosing the right socks is essential and often decides whether you enjoy your ride or burn your feet.

The first 10 years of DirtySox

Posted By: Till Comments: 0 Times Read: 4919

Anniversaries are always a good time to reflect and consider the future. Our baby DirtySox is 10 years old this year. Back then, when I sold our first 150 pairs of socks to the spectators at the Radquer Frenkendorf, I would never have believed that we would reach this point. Sure, we weren't always the fastest and are still in the start-up phase after 10 years, but we have always remained true to ourselves and still invest a lot of heart and soul in our products.

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