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DirtySox - Clean Roads

DirtySox - Clean Roads

We cyclists all know it. You have chosen a great route for a tour in the beautiful countryside. But when your gaze wanders to the side of the road, you see a sad picture. The road is lined with rubbish. From cigarette butts to beverage cans to plastic packaging, you come across everything that road users can no longer use.

This rubbish is not only bad for our spirits. The animals on the pastures mistake it for grass or it is washed into the rivers with the rain and later into the sea. We all know what is happening to the world's oceans and it is high time to act. We are using World Earth Day as an opportunity to launch our "DirtySox - Clean Roads" initiative. For every product sold, we commit ourselves to clean 100 metres of road from waste.

The campaign will run until 30 April 2021. Of course, we can't save the world in one week. For us, this is a start with potential to expand. Give us your feedback on the campaign via email or social media.